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The Durutti Column: Without Mercy (Factory Benelux)

For the fourth Durutti Column album, Factory Records mastermind Tony Wilson insisted that the album be an experiment in adapting Vini Reilly’s distinctive music with a modern classical twist. This experiment has been expanded into a whopping four disc set, featuring other recordings from the era and two fantastic live performances.

The Durutti Column: Another Setting (Factory Benelux)

The third official studio album by The Durutti Column found Vini Reilly refining his unique hybrid sound, resulting in a very sublime listening experience.

Twilight Music: The Durutti Column, Live in Lisbon, May 1988

A delightful full-length Durutti Column performance from 1988. Eighty minutes of pure, delightful Vini Reilly is to be had.

Saturday Afternoon Spotlight #2: The Durutti Column

I was saddened to read of the recent trials and struggles of Vini Reilly, who, as The Durutti Column, has consistently composed some of the most beautiful music one could ever hear. In the midst of the hardships, an encouraging response came via a recent outpouring of sympathy and financial aide that he has received,… Read More ›