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Hearts and Minds (Criterion)

In college, one of my professors referred to the Vietnam conflict  as “the first rock and roll war.” While the onomatopoeic nature of the phrase is appropriate, the point was one of considerable debate. Certainly, the war’s effect on popular culture is undeniable; many examples exist that show how Vietnam and the culture of the… Read More ›

Jobriath AD (Factory 25)

Just because someone spends a fortune on publicity, and just because someone is a child prodigy with a natural talent, doesn’t mean that the world is going to pay attention. The entertainment industry is filled with such debacles, and perhaps one of the sadder stories is that of Jobriath. The recent release of documentary Jobriath… Read More ›

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and the Songs That Defined the 1980s (Abrams)

  I am a sucker for a good oral history text, and when I learned of Mad World, an oral history of New Wave, I eagerly acquired it. Though not the comprehensive history of the genre as I had initially hoped, what it offered was equally as welcome and as entertaining as I had hoped…. Read More ›

Saturday Afternoon Spotlight #2: The Durutti Column

I was saddened to read of the recent trials and struggles of Vini Reilly, who, as The Durutti Column, has consistently composed some of the most beautiful music one could ever hear. In the midst of the hardships, an encouraging response came via a recent outpouring of sympathy and financial aide that he has received,… Read More ›