Happy Birthday Yoko Ono!


We here at The Recoup would like to wish Yoko Ono a happy 80th birthday! Her music and her art has always been divisive, and she has always been true to herself. Her art is uncompromising but not uninviting, serious but never too serious. A sense of fun has always been woven into her music, even at times when she wasn’t necessarily supposed to be “funny.”

And she didn’t break up the Beatles.

She pissed off the world, but she made John Lennon happy, and isn’t that way more important?

In the forthcoming print issue of The Recoup, I will share with you the forlorn story of my teenage martyrdom for Yoko Ono. It wasn’t easy growing up in East Texas in the 1980s and being a Yoko Ono fan, that’s for sure!

In the meantime, enjoy a dozen little peeks into her unique, fascinating career. Negative comments will be deleted. Just so you know.

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