Do You Remember The First Time? The June Brides “In The Rain” c/w “Sunday to Saturday”


“In The Rain” c/w “Sunday to Saturday”
Pink Records PI 001
Release Date: March 28. 1984
Format: 7″, 12″ (Reissued 1986)

Phil Wilson speaks:

The early days happened in a bit of a whirl, to be honest. We’d played a handful of local gigs, mainly in pubs in South London. But I’d been to Alan McGee‘s club, and bought a copy of his fanzine Communication Blur, which had his address in it. I sent Alan a (very, very rough) demo, and he got in contact with us quite quickly, offering us a concert at his club night, “The Living Room”. We went on to play a few, and got noticed and reviewed very quickly. So, we were on a bit of a roll before we’d really even thought about what we were doing; we certainly weren’t aiming to be famous. We just wanted to play some concerts, with the vague hope of one day maybe having a single released…because it seemed like just about every little band like us put a single out eventually!

We’d hoped Alan might put out a single, but he wasn’t interested, allegedly because it would have been “too obvious” to do so. Thankfully, his friend Simon Down could see the potential, and started his own label, Pink, to put our single out. The label was very much a copy of Creation at first – to the extent of using the same wrap-around sleeves as Creation. I think Alan may have had a word with Simon about getting his own identity for the label after our first single!

We recorded the first single (“In the Rain/Sunday to Saturday”) at Alaska Studios, which was a a very grotty studio underneath the railway arches at London’s Waterloo Station. The studio was underneath train lines, and not totally insulated. So you couldn’t do vocals whenever a train was passing overhead! Alaska was also the same studio that Creation used for recording its early releases. We recorded in cheap time, overnight. We clearly didn’t know what we were doing, as the record sounds a bit “thin” now- but I was delighted with it at the time! At last, my very own single.

Our second single, “Every Conversation/Disneyland” was recorded at Alaska not long afterwards. Pink eventually re-released both as a 12″ single; they were never originally intended to be released together.

The sleeve was based around a painting by our guitarist, Simon Beesley. It’s still just about my favourite of all the covers on any of my records…

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