Spaceheads “Compilation”

One of the best bands you’ve probably never heard is Spaceheads, which is the duo of Andy Diagram and Richard Harrison. Since the 1980s, they’ve released compelling, fascinating music that defies classification or definition. Though they’ve been inactive over the past few years, with the advent of Bandcamp, the duo has a platform to release music and performances.

The best place to start, though, is their “Compilations” collection. Gathering up loose ends from compilation releases, it’s a strong representation of the band and what they do. The release is worth it simply for the epic 18 minute opener, “Stolen from Paradise,” which was taken from a limited edition vinyl sampler from 2000 entitled Pieces Of A Utopian Puzzle.

The rest of the songs are equally great, showcasing the band both in the studio and in improvisational form in live performances. To add to the excitement that this release should bring is the fact that they’ve returned to releasing music and are planning to release an album later this year.

I strongly encourage you to check out the album via the player above. You won’t be disappointed.

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