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Sunday Longform: We Built A Road In Gold

March 15, 2021

I spend some time recalling the lessons of music appreciation taught to me by the greatest teacher I’ve ever known–my father–and Blondie.

The Recoup will return from hiatus on Monday, March 29th. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Sunday Longform: I Wrote A Letter To A Wildflower

Inspired by the release of a lovely and fun cover of the late David Berman, we are inspired to take an afternoon’s trip into the ominous woods one must lurk through in the dark night of the soul.

Sunday Longform: The V4 Visions Label

Please enjoy our introductory and occasional new Sunday series, where we take the occasional longer look into something we find deserving of more words than usual. This week’s feature, we spend time listening to a new batch of reissues from Numero Group that document early 90s British soul label V4 Visions. Trasures lie inside