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Y Kant Tori Read: Y Kant Tori Read (Rhino)

Y Kant Tori Read, released in 1988, was the proper debut of Tori Amos. She would since disown the project, and the album languished for decades as a rarity. Thus, its low-key digital reissue this month warrants a revisit, and it shows that Amos’s feelings might not have been correct, as it’s a fine album that isn’t nearly as bad as she thinks, and clearly establishes the direction of her solo career.

The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds (él Records)

This mysterious record appeared in 1967, and with its cheesy sound effects and pretentious narration, it’s a record that’s impossible not to laugh at. But scratch the surface and you’ll find that this anonymous little record was actually the work of some of the finest musicians of the era and has since become a legend in its own right.