Tag: 1971

Song Of The Day: Marvin Gaye, What’s Going On (Side One)

No words necessary. just a twenty-minute balm for hurting times.

Song Of The Day: The Dudley Moore Trio, “Song For Suzy”

Taken from the él Records release, Today.

Blonde On Blonde: Rebirth/Reflections On A Life (Esoteric Recordings)

Welsh progressive rockers Blonde On Blonde overcame the loss of their frontman and visionary, releasing two promising but ultimately commercially unsuccessful albums.

Gerry Rafferty: Can I Have My Money Back? (Esoteric Recordings)

Gerry Rafferty’s 1971 debut album, Can I Have My Money Back? was a record that should have been a major hit; unfortunately, it was largely ignored, and led to the formation of his band Stealers Wheel.

Ravi Shankar: In Hollywood, 1971 (Northern Spy)

This lost Ravi Shankar performance captures him in an intimate, early morning living room show in June, 1971. A famous friend was in attendance, and the genesis of the first rock and roll benefit concert was borne here.

Nico: BBC Session 1971 (Gearbox)

These four songs capture the enigmatic Nico live, and still stand the test of time, while being a short and sweet greatest hits of an artist who still defies classification.

3AM Eternal: The Fortunes, “Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again” (1971)

Sunshine pop for a rainy day? Why not?!?

Stone The Crows: Teenage Licks/Ontinuous Performance (Angel Air)

The final installment of the Stone The Crows reissue series finds the band carrying on in the face of adversity and gruesome tragedy, resulting in some fine blues rock.

3AM Eternal: The Buoys, “Timothy” (1971)

One of the most disturbing rock and roll hits of all time. Don’t believe the hype that it’s about the horse…..

3AM Eternal: Michael Nesmith & The First National Band, “Grand Ennui” (1971)

A fun, jaunty little psych-country rocker from one of the era’s most underrated performers.