Tag: 1978

Song Of The Day: Mike Love, “Sumahama”

This unreleased version of a Mike Love composition would later be re-recorded as a Beach Boys number, but this version is the finer of the two.

Song Of The Day: Sarah Dash, “I Can’t Believe Someone Like You (Could Really Love Me)”

Taken from the SoulMusic Records release, LaBelle: The Anthology.

Song Of The Day: People’s Choice, “Turn Me Loose (12″ Version)”

Taken from the Big Break Records reissue, Turn Me Loose (Expanded Edition).

Singles Staying Single: The HoZac Archival Singles (HoZac Archival)

If you’re a fan of late 70s underground rock, HoZac Archival has got the goods: four interesting archive singles from four diverse artists. Check it out!

Tangerine Dream: The Official Bootleg Series, Volume Two (Esoteric Recordings)

Part Two of the expansive Tangerine Dream live performance documentary series continues, this time with two shows that find the band in transition, not only from the Seventies to the Eighties, but also from analog to digital, while never losing their footing in the process.

Johnny Cash: Koncert V Praze (Sony)

This long-obscure European-only release gets its first proper standalone American release. Though it’s a pretty standard Johnny Cash greatest hits setlist, it is an enjoyable document of a master country singer in his prime and in his element.

Karen Young: Hot Shot (Big Break Records)

Karen Young was a Philadelphia singer who scored a massive hit in 1978, yet only released one album in her short career. Expanded and remastered, it’s another fine document from the last days of disco.

3AM Eternal: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, “When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy” (1978)

This is a haunting little demo version of a weird song, which is only made weirder in this stripped-down form.

3AM Eternal: Earth, Wind & Fire “September” (1978)

Of course we would feature this song today.

3AM Eternal: Buck Owens “Take It Easy” (1978)

You won’t be seeing The Eagles very much on The Recoup, but this track, recorded for Hee Haw, was a rather enjoyable take on one of that band’s songs.