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Ike Yard

Ike Yard: Night After Night/Ike Yard (Superior Viaduct)

In the early 1980s New York’s Ike Yard released two Factory Records-associated releases, each one radically different from the other, yet both offer delightful sounds of the future as seen from 1982.


Seiche: Demo Press (Jackpot Records)

Seiche lived and died without anyone knowing their name, and their 1981 demo tape in LP form is now a highly sought-after collectable. This reissue highlights a young trio with plenty of ambition and potential to match.

Modern English: Mesh & Lace/After The Snow (Blixa Sounds)

British New Wave band Modern English will forever be remembered for their sole hit, the superb “I Melt With You.” But there was more to the band than that hit, and the reissue of the band’s first two albums highlight a band much better than the “one-hit wonder” tag might lead you to believe.

The Anemic Boyfriends: “Fake I.D.” c/w “Bad Girls In Love” (HoZac Archival)

This fantastic little seven inch single compiles the two best sides from one of the finest punk bands to come out of Alaska circa 1981.

Song Of The Day: Crispy Ambulance, “The Presence”

Taken from the Factory Benelux release, The Plateau Phase..

Song Of The Day: Glenn Branca, Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus)

The story of a 13-year-old autistic redneck experiencing NYC noise rock for the first time.

Song Of The Day: Don Williams, “Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good”

A few words on the legendary Don Williams, who passed away Friday at the age of 78.

Song Of The Day: Samson, “Earth Mother”

Taken from the Real Gone Music released, Shock Tactics.

Song Of The Day: Tyrone Davis, “Let’s Be Closer Together”

Taken from the Funky Town Grooves release, Everything In Place.

Song Of The Day: Greg Kihn Band, “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)”

Remembering Greg Kihn Band’s founder and bassist Steve Wright.