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The Artist Formerly Known As Prince: Ultimate Rave (NPG/Legacy)

At the end of 1999, Prince reemerged, signed to a new record label with his first new album of newly recorded, non-archival material. This three-disc set compiles the original record, a rare fan-club only release, and a DVD of his New Year’s Eve 1999 pay-per-view concert. Though more a stutter-step than the intended comeback, it proved that The Artist was still Prince.

Song Of The Day: Songs:Ohia, “Travels In Constants”

Taken from the Temporary Residence release, Travels In Constants.

I Realize It Was You That I Forgot: Revisiting Bill Janovitz’s Up Here

The events of September 11, 2001 directly impacted millions of lives in infinitely unique ways. I dealt with it by listening to music, and writing the first review for my very first music website–an album I’d not listened to since…until this week. Some reflections are offered within…

Lift To Experience: The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads (Mute)

Released in 2001, Denton, Texas trio Lift To Experience’s sole album was an amazingly intense concept album that largely went unheard during the band’s brief lifespan. Subsequent years have rightly elevated it to be one of the best records you’ve never heard. This reissue cleans up the mix and offers bonus material, but the focus is still on the amazing ninety minute apocalyptic opus that still sounds like nothing you’ve heard.

Telefon Tel Aviv: Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Ghostly International)

Chicago-based electronica duo Telefon Tel Aviv’s debut album arrived a week after the 9/11 attacks, and served as a calming balm for troubled times. This reissue highlights that distinctive record, an album that has yet to age or lose its potency.

The Emerald Down: Scream The Sound (Saint Marie)

This reissue of the sole album by Columbus-based shoegazers The Emerald Down sends us back to our nascent zine-scribbler days, because, hey, what we said then is still true now–only thing that’s changed is that Scream The Sound is now lauded as a classic American shoegaze record.

Twilight Music: Sparklehorse It’s A Wonderful Life (2001)

Revisiting Mark Linkous’ finest hour, in tribute to the man’s birthday

Twilight Music: Silence “Asbendos” (2001)

Restful sounds from the late Pete Namlook, taken from the fifth volume of his Silence project, released in 2001.

3AM Eternal: Peter Bagge–“In Defense of (And Praise For) Mike Love” (2001)

And now for something completely different…a defense of Mike Love that’s impassioned, important, and interesting. And I agree with the author 100%.

Zombi: The Zombi Anthology (Relapse)

A welcome reissue of the formative records from Italian space-rock loving Pittsburg duo Zombi.