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Fiat Lux: Hired History Plus (Cherry Red)

English New Wave trio Fiat Lux existed for less than two years, their promising career cut short by label indifference. This two-disc set compiles all of their recordings, serving as an excellent historical document of a young band that deserved a longer life.

Bill Nelson: Dreamy Screens: Soundtracks From The Echo Observatory (Cocteau Discs)

When Bill Nelson launched his solo career, he began to develop an interest in abstract, moody instrumental music. This three-disc box compiles three early soundtracks written and released in 1981 and 1982, and offer up gorgeous–and sometimes quite challenging–experiments.

Bill Nelson: Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights (Esoteric Recordings)

Progressive musician Bill Nelson’s 1987 album was an ambitious double album consisting of minimalistic ambient sonic sketches compiled to form a cohesive whole. This thirtieth anniversary edition offers the set in its entirety, as well as a limited edition seven inch suite and fourteen bonus tracks–adding additional depth to the listening experience.