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Tammy Wynette: Another Lonely Song/Woman To Woman (Morello Records)

Tammy Wynette’s voice conveyed passion and heartbreak as she sang songs about heartbreak, loss, and disappointment. These two albums, both from 1974, are atypical in that regard, twenty-one emotionally powerful and gorgeously arranged country songs that might best be taken in small doses.

Tammy Wynette: I Still Believe In Fairy Tales/’Til I Can Make It On My Own (Morello Records)

These two mid-1970s albums from Tammy Wynette find the First Lady of Country Music reflecting upon heartbreak and loss, both made more poignant and potent thanks to her concurrent divorce from George

Tammy Wynette: The First Lady/We Sure Can Love Each Other (Morello)

This twofer collects two of Tammy Wynette’s early 70s albums, and double down on her stand-by-her-man outlook on life.