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Bob Dylan: Travelin’ Thru, 1967-1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15 (Legacy Recordings)

The meeting of minds between Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash has long been the thing of legend, but now the legend is made real with a three disc set that chronicles Dylan’s Nashville country years, featuring the historic session, as well as outtakes from his two albums from this time and an incongruous Earl Scruggs session recorded in 1970. It’s an exciting and compelling document of Dylan’s reinvention as a country crooner.

Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob (BMG Books)

Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob is a fantastically enjoyable, often hilarious collection of dreams and fantasies involving one of America’s greatest living songwriters.

Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan Live 1962-1966: Rare Performances From The Copyright Collections (Columbia)

This no-frills two CD collection offers up choice cuts from Bob Dylan’s first era of live performances, with a set list that sticks to well-known and beloved songs that help remind the world just how to consummate a performer he was in his early days.

Gathered From Coincidence: The British Folk Pop Sound of 1965–66 (Grapefruit Recordings)

This wonderfully rich three disc set gathers up 79 songs all inspired by one man: Bob Dylan.

Gene Clark: Gene Clark Sings For You/The Rose Garden: A Trip Through The Garden (Omnivore)

Two recently released collections document what former Byrds guitarist Gene Clark was doing immediately after leaving the band. One collection finds him sorting out ideas on tape, the other highlights his willingness to work with a young group. While these recordings are rough and probably more for the devoted Byrds fans, they do provide an interesting look into an artist’s creative process.

Bobby Bare: The Travelin’ Bare/Constant Sorrow/The Streets Of Baltimore (Morello Records)

Country singer Bobby Bare Will forever be known for his fine material from the 1970s, but his earlier material is no less grand, either; this two CD set collects three of his mid-1960s albums and is a delightful reevaluation of an often overlooked part of his career.

Various Artists: Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-69 (Ace Records)

While the rest of the world was going crazy over the Beatles and the British Invasion, Bob Dylan was covertly conquering the hearts and minds of British musicians. Ace Records’ latest compilation serves as an excellent document of the love affair British artists had for the mysterious and cantankerous rocker.

Song Of The Day: Willie Nile, “Every Grain Of Sand”

Taken from the River House release, Positively Bob: Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan: The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert! (Columbia/Legacy Recordings)

One of the most notorious bootlegs in rock and roll history has also been erroneously credited. This new release-taken from a larger box set encompassing all known recordings from Dylan’s infamous 1966 tour–offers the actual Royal Albert Hall performance, and it serves as a document of the frustrating nature of that infamous and legendary tour.

Seeing The Real You At Last: Life And Love On The Road With Bob Dylan (Jawbone Press)

The problematic nature of tell-all confessionals is highlighted in this recent tell-all from a Bob Dylan mistress.