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Working Week: Compañeros (Cherry Red)

British jazz trio Working Week found themselves with a surprise hit record in 1985, prompting their label to pressure them into making a quick follow-up. That album, 1986’s Compañeros, was the result–a quickly created album of superb, enjoyable, and politically aware jazz/pop songs.

Stack Waddy: So, Who The Hell Is Stack Waddy?: The Complete Works 1970-1972 (Cherry Red)

Manchester’s Stack Waddy was a raw, raucous rock band that loved the blues and loved to make a racket. Beloved by John Peel, who signed them to his record label, they released two of the roughest records of the early 1970s. This collection rounds up the lot of their recorded works, and feels very much like a link between the era of rock it followed and the one that was yet to come.