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Sympathy For The Drummer: Why Charlie Watts Matters: How The Rolling Stones Won The Disco Wars

The Rolling Stones’ stickman Charlie Watts is a revered figure in rock and roll…but why? That’s the subject of New York writer Mike Edison’s latest book, an entertaining and informative look into the man dubbed “The World’s Greatest Rock Drummer.” In this exclusive excerpt, we look at what happened when a legendary band tackled a brand new and quite divisive new musical style.

Willie and The Poor Boys: Willie And The Poor Boys (Deluxe Edition) (Edsel Records)

Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman’s 1950s inspired supergroup formed as a benefit for friend Ronnie Lane. This enjoyable labor of love gets a 30th Anniversary deluxe reissue, and only serves to highlight the high quality of this delightful one-off.