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Tag: Country & Western

Ray Stevens: Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles 1965-1970 (Ace Records)

Ray Stevens will always be known for his comedy records, but he used the opportunity of a new record deal as the chance to explore more serious fare, resulting in some excellent–if lesser known–music, and this compilation of his singles for the label shows him masterfully tackling more serious fare.

Willie Nelson: Mr. Record Man (Jasmine Records)

Legendary country singer/songwriter Willie Nelson may be considered a founding father of country, his beginnings weren’t always so promising. Mr. Record Man collects his earliest work, and wonderfully documents his quick rise from the mediocre to the masterful.

3AM Eternal: Jim Reeves, “Just Walking In The Rain” (1962)

A lovely country-pop ballad from a crooner whose star once shone quite brightly.