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Song Of The Day: Dean Wareham & Cheval Sombre, “Wand’rin’ Star”

Taken from the Double Feature Records release, Dean Wareham Vs. Cheval Sombre.

3AM Eternal: Dean & Britta “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore” (2010)

A Velvet Underground number paired up with a suitable subject from a unique film project.

3AM Eternal: Luna “Indian Summer” (1993)

It’s that time of year again, when things start to cool down, we transition from the heat of summer to the cool of winter, and are greeted with the majesty of nature’s change. What better song, then, to launch this month’s series?

Dean Wareham Luna Demos 1991 (Self Released)

A surprise release of demos from Dean Wareham’s vault is more than a mere archival release–it is also a benefit for his (and The Recoup’s) friend, Terry Tolkin, who is in dire need.