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Steven Jesse Bernstein: You Are Asking Me Now If This Is The Whole World And I Am Saying It Is

We sit down with filmmaker Peter Sillen to discuss I Am Secretly An Important Man, his captivating and important documentary on controversial artist Steven Jesse Bernstein.

Errol Morris: Gates Of Heaven/Vernon, Florida/The Thin Blue Line (Criterion)

Documentarian Errol Morris’ first three films have been reissued by Criterion, and all three show the portrait of a young man growing into one of the country’s most important documentarians.

Hearts and Minds (Criterion)

In college, one of my professors referred to the Vietnam conflict  as “the first rock and roll war.” While the onomatopoeic nature of the phrase is appropriate, the point was one of considerable debate. Certainly, the war’s effect on popular culture is undeniable; many examples exist that show how Vietnam and the culture of the… Read More ›

Jobriath AD (Factory 25)

Just because someone spends a fortune on publicity, and just because someone is a child prodigy with a natural talent, doesn’t mean that the world is going to pay attention. The entertainment industry is filled with such debacles, and perhaps one of the sadder stories is that of Jobriath. The recent release of documentary Jobriath… Read More ›