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Tammy Wynette: Sometimes When We Touch/Higher Ground (Morello Records)

The Eighties proved to be a fallow period for a lot of classic country musicians, Tammy Wynette included. These two late-period records are exceptions to the rule; one, a fine take on contemporary sounds; the other, a true retro country record that featured an all-star cast.

3AM Eternal: Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner “Jeannie’s Afraid of the Dark” (1968)

The gloomiest of the gloomiest? Good luck not tearing up

Dude, The Obscure!: Dolly Parton “If” (2002)

Yesterday, I was listening to numerous cover versions of soft-rock band Bread‘s classic ballad, “If.” Various versions passed through my ears–from Rachel Goswell to Joe Pass to Scott Walker and Olivia Newton-John. I thought that the most interesting version I’d hear would be the instrumental jazz fusion take by Herbie Mann. But I was wrong…