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Gene Chandler: Duke Of Earl: The Gene Chandler Story 1961-1962

Gene Chandler’s debut single “Duke Of Earl” was a massive hit, and unfortunately and unfairly burdened him with the “one-hit wonder” tag. This collection compiles all of the recordings from his first year of recording, and shows there was much more to the man than the hit that defined him.

The Platters: The Platters/The Flying Platters (Hoodoo Records)

Doo Wop group The Platters have stood the test of time, still sounding fresh sixty years later. This twofer offers their first two albums, with the added bonus of their iconic, non-album singles that made them a household name.

3AM Eternal: The Jive Five “What Time Is It?” (1962)

A love song, yes, but one that insomniacs understand on a completely different level…