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All I Can Say

All I Can Say (Oscilloscope Laboratories)

When Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hoon died unexpectedly in 1995, he left behind thousands of hours of video recordings. All I Can Say gives us a haunting, raw, and occasionally moving glimpse into the life and rollercoaster success of a young man doomed to self-destruct.

Breaking The Band Twisted Sister

Breaking The Band: Twisted Sister (Reelz)

This Saturday night, Reelz presents the latest episode in their popular documentary series, Breaking The Band. This time, though, they look at beloved metal band Twisted Sister, and why they fell from grace so soon after becoming famous.

Viva The Underdogs

Viva The Underdogs (Epitaph Records)

In 2019, Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive took the leap and became a full-on stadium rock band, complete with pyrotechnics. Viva The Underdogs documents the band’s world tour cumulating in their dream gig.

Jimi Hendrix

Reelz Presents: Jimi Hendrix: A Perfect Murder?

Fifty years after his death, questions still remain about what happened to Jimi Hendrix. A new documentary, Jimi Hendrix: A Perfect Murder? examines the facts of the case, and will air Saturday, September 19th at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST.

Netflix Presents: Taylor Swift: Miss Americana

Netflix’s latest documentary, Miss Americana, attempts to examine the life of Taylor Swift, yet comes off as a poorly-executed attempt at damage control for a fading pop star.

Reelz Presents: All Eyez On Me: The Real Story

A new Reelz documentary shines a very different light on the life and the persona of legendary artist Tupac Shakur, and suggests the “real” man was a very different person.

Reelz Presents: Cher: Do You Believe?

A new, two-hour documentary airing tonight examines the life and career of the singular talent known only as Cher.

Reelz Presents: Charles Manson: The Funeral

A new, two-hour documentary premiering this Saturday documents the final journey of one of the 20th Century’s vilest and most disgusting criminals.

Reelz Presents: Mariah: The Diva, The Drama 

Mariah Carey’s troublesome second decade as a recording artist is the focus of a new two hour documentary on Reelz, premiering this Sunday at 9 PM EST.

Reelz Presents: Saturday Night Fever: The Ultimate Disco Movie

Reelz Channel presents an excellent two hour examination of a film that became one of the biggest films of the late 20th Century.