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5/45: 10,000 Maniacs, “Trouble Me” c/w “The Lion’s Share”

Our examination of our editor’s most meaningful and important 45 singles in his 45 years picks up with a gorgeous alternative song from 1989 that triggers special memories of a brief but important and meaningful pen-pal exchange with a distant cousin.

The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds (él Records)

This mysterious record appeared in 1967, and with its cheesy sound effects and pretentious narration, it’s a record that’s impossible not to laugh at. But scratch the surface and you’ll find that this anonymous little record was actually the work of some of the finest musicians of the era and has since become a legend in its own right.

Leviathan: Leviathan: The Legendary Lost Elektra Album (Grapefruit)

Leviathan was the new moniker of Mike Stuart Span, whose label insisted they change their name. It wasn’t an unwise decision, as their music was suddenly much different than what they had previously done. Sadly, complying with their label’s demands didn’t seem to matter, as their sole album is finally seeing release 48 years after its rejection.