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Michel Banabila: Early Works (Bureau B)

This handy collection compiles key tracks from the early releases from prolific Dutch composer Michel Banabila. Sublime music is found therein….

Severed Heads: Stretcher (Medical Records)

This reissue compiles the tracks taken from the original variants of 1985’s internationally-minded compilation, presenting a satisfying picture of Severed Heads’ early years.

Anna Holmer & Steve Moshier: Breadwoman & Other Tales (RVNG Intl.)

If you’ve never heard anything like this, then you’ll never have heard anything like this. The ethnic music of a world created by JG Ballard, perhaps?

Tangerine Dream: The Official Bootleg Series, Volume Two (Esoteric Recordings)

Part Two of the expansive Tangerine Dream live performance documentary series continues, this time with two shows that find the band in transition, not only from the Seventies to the Eighties, but also from analog to digital, while never losing their footing in the process.

Orange Cake Mix: At The Record Shop (Why The Tapes Play)

A limited edition collection of gorgeous sonic vignettes and sketches constitutes the physical return of Orange Cake Mix.

3AM Eternal: Steve Reich, It’s Gonna Rain (1965)

A haunting, disturbing, difficult, yet important work of modern minimalism and composition.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Micro Melodies” (2005)

In tonight’s installment in this week’s ongoing appreciation of The Album Leaf, we present a song found on a hard-to-find tour-only EP.

Twilight Music: Füxa, Venoy (Bliss Out V.5) (1997)

We go three-for-three in the Darla Bliss-Out series; aren’t you getting the hint yet about how wonderfully necessary it is to your record collection?

Twilight Music: Windy & Carl, “Antarctica” (1997)

A gorgeously slow, seductively beautiful twenty-two minutes’ worth of ice-cold ambient music.

3AM Eternal: Coil, “Amber Rain” (2005)

One of the final masterpieces from the uniquely original Coil, released shortly after founding member John Balance’s sudden death.