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Song Of The Day: Crispy Ambulance, “The Presence”

Taken from the Factory Benelux release, The Plateau Phase..

The Durutti Column: Without Mercy (Factory Benelux)

For the fourth Durutti Column album, Factory Records mastermind Tony Wilson insisted that the album be an experiment in adapting Vini Reilly’s distinctive music with a modern classical twist. This experiment has been expanded into a whopping four disc set, featuring other recordings from the era and two fantastic live performances.

The Durutti Column: Another Setting (Factory Benelux)

The third official studio album by The Durutti Column found Vini Reilly refining his unique hybrid sound, resulting in a very sublime listening experience.

Section 25: From The Hip (Factory Benelux)

    Poor Section 25. The Manchester-based post-punk band was a victim of fate. Coming from the Manchester scene, the group quickly signed to Factory Records. Their first releases and debut album Always Now suffered not-necessarily unfair comparisons (and accusations of mimicry) to Joy Division. In an effort to break from the confines of such categorization,… Read More ›

Surprize: “In Movimento” (Factory Benelux)

    In many ways, the short-lived Belgian band Surprize was one of the first Factory-influenced bands. In their brief career, this quintet released only two four-track EPs and one 12″ single, but there’s nothing on here that doesn’t sound un-Factory like.  Their first single, released in 1981, comes last in the collection’s lineup, and… Read More ›