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Odion Iruoje: Down To Earth (Soundway)

Nigerian producer and impresario Odion Iruoje will go down as one of the men who brought Fela Kuti to a wider audience, but his sole album, from 1983, is a blend of Western and African styles that sounds unlike anything that came before it–or anything that came after, for that matter.

Song Of The Day: Chet Ivey, “A Dose Of Soul”

Taken from the forthcoming Ace Records release A Dose Of Soul: The Sylvia Funk Recordings 1972-1975.

Kleeer: Get Tough: The Kleeer Anthology 1979-1985 (Big Break Records)

Kleeer was a prolific New York disco/funk/R&B band, releasing seven albums over five years. This anthology collects the best of the best, and makes a case for their role in the history of the music of the era.

3AM Eternal: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Still Raining, Still Dreaming” (1968)

And now…the exciting conclusion to “Rainy Day, Dream Away!”

The Edge of Daybreak: Eyes of Love (Numero Group)

A stunning document of an excellent R&B group located behind prison bars. Eyes Of Love is one of the most essential reissues of 2015.

Twilight Music: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way (1969)

No words, simply one of Miles Davis’ finest albums, presented in its entirety, for your listening enjoyment.

3AM Eternal: Earth, Wind & Fire “September” (1978)

Of course we would feature this song today.

Boscoe: Boscoe (Numero Group)

Boscoe was an obscure Chicago-based collective of black radical musicians. Their sole album should be a relic from the era; instead, it’s a painful, unintentionally contemporary reminder of how little has change.

3AM Eternal: Sharon Jones “I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In” (2004)

A funky take on a classic hippie anthem from one of the queens of modern soul. Enjoy!

Liquid Liquid: EP Reissues/Liquid Idiot-Idiot Orchestra: Self-Titled (Superior Viaduct

Though they only released three EPs and forty-three minutes of music, New York’s Liquid Liquid certainly has earned the influential title they often receive.