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Tammy Wynette: Another Lonely Song/Woman To Woman (Morello Records)

Tammy Wynette’s voice conveyed passion and heartbreak as she sang songs about heartbreak, loss, and disappointment. These two albums, both from 1974, are atypical in that regard, twenty-one emotionally powerful and gorgeously arranged country songs that might best be taken in small doses.

Various Artists: Chartbusters USA: Special Country Edition (Ace Records)

For the fifth installment of Ace Records’ fantastic Chartbusters USA, the focus is squarely on Country crossovers, and provides for a satisfying listen.

George Jones: Ladies’ Choice/My Very Special Guests (Morello)

George Jones was a notoriously difficult musician, and this twofer highlights just how oddly problematic he could be.

Various Artists: You All Come! The Pappy Daily Story 1953-1962 (Eleven Light City)

Houston-based country music impresario will forever be known for his association with George Jones, but this new compilation shows how he had a great ear for a good song.

George Jones and Johnny Paycheck: Double Trouble (1980)

Yesterday I spent time listening to Double Trouble, a collaborative album between Johnny Paycheck and George Jones. If one is being generous, they might say the album is merely okay, when the truth is a little bit harder to swallow: the album just isn’t very good. It doesn’t help the album’s case that the version… Read More ›