Tag: Grapefruit Records

Various Artists: Come Join My Orchestra: The British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-73 (Grapefruit)

This excellent three disc set offers up an amazing treasure trove of Baroque pop from the late 60s and early 70s, offering up killer harmonies and lush orchestral arrangements from bands and artists both familiar and obscure.

Gathered From Coincidence: The British Folk Pop Sound of 1965–66 (Grapefruit Recordings)

This wonderfully rich three disc set gathers up 79 songs all inspired by one man: Bob Dylan.

Tales Of Justine: Pedals From A Sunflower: Complete Recordings 1967-1969 (Grapefruit)

Tales Of Justine is an obscure band, but it’s not a particularly good band. Instead, it serves as an interesting historical curio and is a document of a duo who would go on to achieve significantly greater musical success.