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There’ll Be No Sad Tomorrow: A Conversation With The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck

We sit down with the delightful Kim Shattuck to discuss the making of The Muffs’ seminal sophomore album, Blonder & Blonder.

Awkward Conversations With Anonymous Friends #1: Authenticity

An in-depth discussion of the reviewing process, authenticity, and what yours truly looks for when he experiences art.

A Piece Of Ground Where I Can Lay My Head: A Conversation With Kristin Hersh

What happens when a good for nothin’ autistic redneck picks up the phone and has a conversation with a Rat Girl who’s been one of his near-lifelong artistic inspirations? It’s a conversation thirty years in the making, folks. Read on…

Life Is Far Too Fast: A Conversation With Mike McCartney

We sit down to a long, compelling conversation with Mike McCartney about his delightful one-off album, McGough & McGear and the era that produced it.

Final Wild Songs: A Conversation With The Long Ryders’ Sid Griffin

In the 1980s, Sid Griffin fronted The Long Ryders, who have recently released Final Wild Songs a comprehensive box set that has renewed interest in this brief but hard-working band. We sat down with Mr. Griffin to discuss the band and the box set.

Me And Jimmie Rodgers: A Conversation With Paul Burch, Part One

The latest album by veteran country musician Paul Burch is a different sort of record–a concept album based on the life of Jimmie Rodgers. It’s a years in the making labor of love, and is easily the finest album in Burch’s career. In this first of a two-part interview, we discuss the making of that album and what goes into creating a fictional account of your hero’s life.

And Dreams Would Be Under Our Control: The Story of Gang War

Gang War was created in 1982, but never saw release until this year. We sit down with Gang War’s creator, Frederick Michael St. Jude, who tells us all about the making of this amazing find.

Lovedrug: Each Correction Makes Us Stronger

We revisit an interview from our editor’s vast archives. This conversation took place in 2007, in advance of Ohio band Lovedrug’s second album.

Take Me Down To Anorak City: A Critical Conversation with Author Marc Spitz

A negative reaction to the recently-published book Twee led us to seek out its author, Marc Spitz, to get his side of the story. A gentle revolution, indeed.

Like A Jewel Curled Around Your Finger: The Story of The American Analog Set’s Know By Heart

  In 1996, I bought a record by an Austin band called The American Analog Set. I was intrigued by the album cover’s clean, clinical looking imagery, and once I got home I realized they were a keeper. With long, mellow passages and chilled-out groove, any time a record appeared with their name on it,… Read More ›