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Chad & Jeremy: Yesterday’s Gone: The Complete Ember & World Artists Recordings (RPM/Cherry Red)

British-based soft-pop duo Chad & Jeremy might not have made the loud, raucous rock of their British Invasion contemporaries, but in spite of their lack of UK success, they had a modest and successful career in the United States. This compilation rounds up their earliest–and most successful–recordings.

John Barry: John Barry Plays 007 & Other 60s Themes For Film, Television, and Radio (el Records)

John Barry was a masterful composer, and though this collection of his early years might only scratch the surface of his compositions during the early 1960s, it still shows the depth of the man’s talents.

John Barry/Donna Summer: The Deep Original Soundtrack Recording (Big Break Records)

The Deep was a 1977 Jacqueline Bisset/Nick Nolte thriller, written by Jaws author Peter Benchley. Like Jaws, the film’s backdrop is the depths of the ocean. The promotional poster for the film featured a poster design that was very similar to the iconic Jaws artwork. It’s a great film; I highly recommend it. The soundtrack,… Read More ›