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Various Artists: Singles: Deluxe Edition (Legacy Recordings)

Some thoughts on the bittersweet, unfortunately timed deluxe reissue of the Singles soundtrack.

Bob Dylan: The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert! (Columbia/Legacy Recordings)

One of the most notorious bootlegs in rock and roll history has also been erroneously credited. This new release-taken from a larger box set encompassing all known recordings from Dylan’s infamous 1966 tour–offers the actual Royal Albert Hall performance, and it serves as a document of the frustrating nature of that infamous and legendary tour.

Mike Watt: “ring spiel” tour ’95 (Columbia/Legacy)

This superb live document from 1995 captures legendary bassist Mike Watt fronting a tight band of alt-rock legends.

Elvis Presley: Way Down In The Jungle Room (Legacy)

Elvis Presley’s final recording sessions took place at his legendary mansion, Graceland, in a last-ditch effort to get the bored King of Rock and Roll to record new material. Unsurprisingly, the results are mixed–with a few gems mixed in with the dreck.

Elvis Presley: Today (RCA/Legacy Recordings)

Unsurprisingly, Elvis Presley’s 1975 album Trouble wasn’t a particularly good album, but this 40th anniversary edition provides an insight into one of the more notorious Presley stories.

Uncle Tupelo: No Depression (Legacy)

Though they came from a humble, hardscrabble scene, Belleville, Illinois-based Uncle Tupelo would posthumously be recognized as and promoted to the role of being founding fathers of the “alt.country” (whatever that is) movement. After four albums and a rather bitter split, fans have accepted that no reunion will ever take place, but because of the quality… Read More ›