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Severed Heads: Stretcher (Medical Records)

This reissue compiles the tracks taken from the original variants of 1985’s internationally-minded compilation, presenting a satisfying picture of Severed Heads’ early years.

Kitty: Kitty (Medical Records)

An obscure electronica group from 1990s Austin recently released this exciting compilation of some of their recordings from the era. Ignore at your own peril. Enjoy at your own leisure.

Paul Nelson: Vortex (Medical Records)

Okay, so where has this record been hiding? Paul Nelson was a young man of musical ambition, a nerd-like love for computers, and, apparently, Tangerine Dream and other prog-rock records. He recorded this, his lone album, and it’s a shame he didn’t make more. First things first: skip over the first song, “Automated Man,” as… Read More ›