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morningshot #11: a sweet soul six-pack

Happy Friday! Let’s get this weekend started right with a half-hour of sweet soul music. Dig the groove, and have a great weekend!

morningshot #10: thursday under the covers #2

Come get under the covers with a half-dozen wonderful takes on songs familiar and not-so-familiar in this week’s episode of Thursday Under The Covers!

morningshot #9: five live #2

Enjoy some live music this Wednesday morning!

morningshot #8: dig the sweet dandy space dance!

Okay, world, I’m up, I’m awake..what else do ya want from me?? I’m still kinda hazy as I get ready to head to the gym, and the tunes this morning verify this…but it’s a great, interesting set that I hope you’ll enjoy!

morningshot #7: this will be our year

A new year, a new website, a newly-refreshed spirit, and some great tunes for you. Thank you for joining us, and here’s to making 2016 a fun year!

morningshot #6: friday five live

Spend this weekend supporting live music…

morningshot #5: i want more and more and more and more….

boys and girls just ain’t the same….

morningshot #4: thank you for waiting. your call is very important to us.

please continue to hold…we will be with you shortly…

morningshot #3: thursday morning under the covers

Six songs you might know better in their covered form.

morningshot #2: rock please music blow time!

A soulful wake-up shot awaits you this AM…..