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If You Don’t Underestimate Me, I Won’t Underestimate You: Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding At 50

Fifty years ago this past December, Bob Dylan emerged from his exile with a startling new album–the simple, direct, no-frills John Wesley Harding. Ron Hart approached a handful of musicians to share their thoughts on this seminal–and sometimes under-appreciated– comeback album.

Richard Barone: Cool Blue Halo (Richard Barone Music)

Former Bongos frontman Richard Barone wasted no time in going solo after the sudden demise of his band. While Phantom Train found Barone and company honing its college-rock chops, Cool Blue Halo was a completely different kind of record. Stripped down to a four-piece, with no fancy production tricks, one might be tempted to call… Read More ›

The Bongos: Phantom Train (Jem Recordings)

In the annals of rock history, the “unreleased final album” syndrome is a rather common malady. Such was the case for 1980s college rockers The Bongos. Signed to a major label, there were hopes of banking on the burgeoning college-rock/alternative rock scene. It’s not hard to understand why a label would want to take a… Read More ›