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The Great Tragedy

Various Artists: The Great Tragedy, No. 2: …And The Show Must Go On (Bear Family)

Bear Family’s second and final installment in their The Great Tragedy compilation examining the doomed Winter Dance Party 1959 offers the other side of the story of that tour, and amazingly shows just how quickly the music industry distanced itself from rock and roll–literally the same day.

Various Artists: The Great Tragedy: Winter Dance Party 1959 (Bear Family)

To honor the 60th anniversary of “The Day The Music Died,” German label Bear Family compiled a thorough and compelling scrapbook that encompasses and highlights of the talents lost that day, performers who appeared on the tour, musical tributes to the victims, and an in-depth booklet with super-rare photos and historical background of that fateful winter tour.

Various Artists: Banana Split For My Baby: 33 Gems From the Good Old Summertime (Bear Family)

German reissue label Bear Family offers up a unique and delightful compilation dedicated to all things related to having fun in the summertime. It’s a fun, eclectic compilation of songs from all sorts of genres from the 1950s and early 60s.