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Odion Iruoje: Down To Earth (Soundway)

Nigerian producer and impresario Odion Iruoje will go down as one of the men who brought Fela Kuti to a wider audience, but his sole album, from 1983, is a blend of Western and African styles that sounds unlike anything that came before it–or anything that came after, for that matter.

Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (Deluxe Edition) (Pax-Am)

In 2000, Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams’s creative and personal life was in turmoil. So what did he do? He wrote songs-fantastic songs-and launched his career with this superb debut album, reissued with generous helpings of Adams in his prime.

Fleetwood Mac: Tusk (Warner Brothers)

Fleetwood Mac’s double-album behemoth Tusk is a problematic record, tasked with the duty of following up one of the best-selling records of all time. Its material doesn’t quite stand up to the previous album, but then again, how could it?

Neil Young & Bluenote Cafe: Bluenote Cafe (Reprise)

Bluenote Cafe captures Neil Young’s 1988 tour, where he and his new band Bluenote Cafe proved to be the best damn bar band in the world.

Roy Orbison: One Of The Lonely Ones (UMe/Roy’s Boys)

Roy Orbison’s One Of The Lonely Ones was unreleased in its time, and seeing release four decades later, it’s an enjoyable–if not particularly revelatory–artistic statement of a man in the throes of personal tragedy and loss.

3AM Eternal: Guided By Voices, “Everybody Thinks I’m A Raincloud (When I’m Not Looking)” (2004)

The opening track to Guided By Voices’ “final” album prior to their 2004 split, a song from the negative Nancy’s side of things.

3AM Eternal: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Still Raining, Still Dreaming” (1968)

And now…the exciting conclusion to “Rainy Day, Dream Away!”

3AM Eternal: The Band, “Right As Rain” (1977)

This track, taken from the final album by the original lineup of The Band, is a song perfect for a shimmery, summer’s evening.

3AM Eternal: The Jennifers, “Tomorrow’s Rain” (1991)

A rare treat from a band who would record one record for a major label, find itself dropped, and would regroup themselves to become one of the most popular British bands in the 1990s. Guess who!

3AM Eternal: The Jayhawks, “Save It For A Rainy Day” (2003)

The gorgeous harmonies and pop sensibilities of The Jayhawks’ 2003 single make it a rewarding little pop nugget.