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Various Artists: Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs Present State Of The Union: The American Dream In Crisis 1967-1973 (Ace Records)

This absolutely essential compilation from musicologists and Saint Etienne masterminds Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs offers a very rare glimpse into how older, mainstream American pop musicians addressed the changing times of the Richard Nixon/Vietnam war era.

Roy Orbison: One Of The Lonely Ones (UMe/Roy’s Boys)

Roy Orbison’s One Of The Lonely Ones was unreleased in its time, and seeing release four decades later, it’s an enjoyable–if not particularly revelatory–artistic statement of a man in the throes of personal tragedy and loss.

3AM Eternal: Roy Orbison “In Dreams” (1987)

You should question the quality of any “classic love song” playlist compiler if they don’t include something by the late, great Roy¬†Orbison. The man’s catalog of great love songs and tales of woe and regret rival only¬†The Smiths in terms of tragedy and pathos. I considered many, many songs for this list, but I thought… Read More ›