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Martin Green Presents

Martin Green Presents Super Sonics: 40 Junkyard Britpop Greats (RPM)

The mid-1990s Britpop scene produced a lot of great music, and this lovely compilation–compiled by a mover and shaker in the heart of the all–gives a nice glimpse at some of the lesser-known talents worthy of remembrance.

Twinkle: Girl In A Million: The Complete Recordings (RPM)

British teen pop singer Twinkle may only be known for one or two songs, but the vagabond spirit who retired at the age of 18 never quite lost the desire to record. This two disc set collects her entire recorded output, and highlights a talent that might have been…

Chad & Jeremy: Yesterday’s Gone: The Complete Ember & World Artists Recordings (RPM/Cherry Red)

British-based soft-pop duo Chad & Jeremy might not have made the loud, raucous rock of their British Invasion contemporaries, but in spite of their lack of UK success, they had a modest and successful career in the United States. This compilation rounds up their earliest–and most successful–recordings.