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3AM Eternal: The Bodysnatchers “Let’s Do Rocksteady” (1980)

All-girl multiculti ska fun from 1980!

Maroon Town: High And Dry (Pressure Drop)

In late 1980s England, Ska wasn’t quite in fashion as it had been earlier in the decade; with the advent of rap, hip-hop, and underground dance–all of which would build upon Ska’s rhythmic patterns and vocal styling. This, however, did not stop the multiracial, multi-culti band Maroon Town,named after clandestine villages set up by anti-British… Read More ›

Special Beat: Live in Japan (BADfish)

On some level, one might think of Special Beat as an elaborately designed package act; after all, the Portmanteau name belies the band’s relatively simple DNA: members of The Specials and The English Beat, combined to perform hits from both bands. Not surprisingly, then, that live albums are the only documents of this compelling collaborative… Read More ›