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Various Artists: Come Join My Orchestra: The British Baroque Pop Sound 1967-73 (Grapefruit)

This excellent three disc set offers up an amazing treasure trove of Baroque pop from the late 60s and early 70s, offering up killer harmonies and lush orchestral arrangements from bands and artists both familiar and obscure.

Anita Kerr: The Five Classic Warner Brothers Albums 1966-1968 (el Records)

Anita Kerr left the comfort of her successful career in Nashville, setting out to Los Angeles to experiment with more contemporary music. The five albums she released under her name for Warner Brothers are fine examples of mid-60s Easy Listening and Sunshine Pop.

Ruthann Friedman: Constant Companion (Now Sounds)

The author of one of the 1960s brightest, lushest hits offered up a solo album that was stark and dark and not much like the song that made her famous.

3AM Eternal: The Association “Cherish” (1966)

Much like the aforementioned Turtles, selecting a love song from Sunshine Pop masters The Association¬†is a difficult task, as gorgeously produced love songs were their specialty. So we’ll go with this classic, from 1966.¬† Dig those harmonies, baby…