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Twinkle: Girl In A Million: The Complete Recordings (RPM)

British teen pop singer Twinkle may only be known for one or two songs, but the vagabond spirit who retired at the age of 18 never quite lost the desire to record. This two disc set collects her entire recorded output, and highlights a talent that might have been…

Take Me Down To Anorak City: A Conversation with Author Marc Spitz

We’ve been in shock over the sudden death of writer and friend Marc Spitz, who passed away suddenly at the age of 47. This is the conversation that introduced us, and it’s one of my favorite interviews.

Take Me Down To Anorak City: A Critical Conversation with Author Marc Spitz

A negative reaction to the recently-published book Twee led us to seek out its author, Marc Spitz, to get his side of the story. A gentle revolution, indeed.