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3AM Eternal: Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminala Starvation League “Things I Did Not Say” (2004)

    Sometimes the best love songs are about when you totally screw up and let a good one go…  

3AM Eternal: Cinerama “Your Charms” (2000)

David Gedge has written so many songs about love, misery, and breakups, it’s a surprise Hallmark hasn’t offered his muse an exclusive publishing license. “Your Charms” is a fast, breezy, beautifully orchestrated song about falling in love with someone new. Expect to hit repeat on this one… PS: Production nerds, enjoy the fact that Mr. Steve Albini… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Madonna “Crazy For You” (1985)

In 1985, I hated this song. Taken from the movie Vision Quest and released at the height of Madonna‘s fame, the song was ceaselessly played on the radio. While I always dug Madonna’s music, this song was overplayed,  and i tired of it quickly. Herein lies the problem, though, for songs that get played too much: people get sick… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Barry White “Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up” (1973)

You know where and when to use this song…use it appropriately, and thank me later…

3AM Eternal: The Danielson Famile “A No No” (1997)

They wanted, as we say, to ‘call their souls their own.’ But that means to live a lie, for our souls are not, in fact, our own. They wanted some corner in the universe of which they could say to God, ‘This is our business, not yours.’ But there is no such corner. They wanted… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Billy Bragg “Valentine’s Day Is Over” (1988)

Well, it is, innit?

3AM Eternal: Tripping Daisy “Sonic Bloom” (1998)

  Hands down, this is perhaps my favorite love song of all time. ‘Nuff said…   We love you Benny B and miss you…high-five Wes for us….

3AM Eternal: Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)?” (1978)

Have you? I have. I often do. It usually doesn’t end well.

3AM Eternal: The Tindersticks “Her” (1994)

This version of Tindersticks‘ song “Her,” rerecorded for the Volume magazine compilation, loses the loudness of the version on their debut album, and adds a flamenco edge that is immensely satisfying. A perfect song that encapsulates the angst that comes along with the fear of approaching someone you lust after…

3AM Eternal: The Association “Cherish” (1966)

Much like the aforementioned Turtles, selecting a love song from Sunshine Pop masters The Association is a difficult task, as gorgeously produced love songs were their specialty. So we’ll go with this classic, from 1966.  Dig those harmonies, baby…