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Alcatrazz: Breaking The Heart Of The City: The Very Best of Alcatrazz (HNE Recordings)

Graham Bonnet’s early 80s metal band Alcatrazz shone brightly, but suffered from a rotating cast of guitarists–who would leave the young band to become very famous shortly thereafter. This three-disc set serves as a greatest hits package for a band that was truly great, and shows the band as one that had great potential.

Yngwie Malmsteen: Fire & Ice: Expanded Edition (HNE Recordings)

Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen’s sixth album was a frustrating listen; on one hand, it offered some fine explorations of his talents. On the other, it offered up hard rock productions that had become passé by the time of the album’s release. This reissue gives the listener a chance to reevaluate the album, twenty-five years on.