3AM Eternal: Scud Mountain Boys “Liquor Store” (1996)

Scud Mountain Boys is an interesting point in the Sub Pop catalog. It’s mellow folk, haphazardly labeled alt.country at the time, but now almost indistinguishable from AAA, “indie” soft rock of today, as well as the softer offerings of today’s Sub Pop. Scud Mountain Boys were not quite country, not quite folk—it was the brainchild of scholar and writer Joe Pernice, and offered up literate songs that brilliantly and simply captured slices of life from here and there, about people who lived lives mundane and typical. They would release another record on the label, The Early Year, a double-CD collection of their first two albums, before splitting.
Pernice would form The Pernice Brothers, which would carry on in this tradition, and he would make a name for himself for being the brilliant young man of promise that his Scud Mountain Boys’ Massachusetts would hint at, for the band would split shortly after releasing said album They would reunite in 2013, continuing in the same wonderful direction found here.

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