3AM Eternal: The Veldt “The Cradle Will Fall” (1992)

It’s no exaggeration to state that The Veldt were the first African-American shoegaze band. Appearing in the early 1990s in the fertile Chapel Hill independent rock scene, the band was the creation of twins Daniel and Danny Chavis. Their sound–a soulful take on the British dream-pop movement–was unique, which resulted in them signing to Mercury Records in 1994, who released their excellent debut album Afrodisiac. They would go on to critical acclaim, working with Robin Guthrie, as well as touring with The Cocteau Twins, among others. Though their time was brief, the brothers reunited as Apollo Heights in 2002, but have since reverted to using The Veldt as their name.

Just recently, The Veldt released their first new recording in nearly two decades, and you can listen to it below. A new album is forthcoming, and if this selection is any indication, it’s gonna be a killer record.

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