3AM Eternal: Sir Douglas Quintet “She’s About A Mover” (1965)

The Sir Douglas Quintet were one of the best American fake-out bands. I call them a “fake-out” because they easily and regularly passed as a British Invasion group, while being a band that was 100% American. Hailing from San Antonio, and led by the super-talented duo of Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers, the quintet specialized in organ-driven garage rock with enough of a blues lilt that they could pass as the latest export from Liverpool. When “She’s About A Mover” became a success, they packed up and moved to San Francisco, and their fame as a psychedelic garage rock band grew. They would split up in 1971, and in 1999 Sahm would die of a heart attack. Yet their music lives on, none more special than their opening salvo.

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