3AM Eternal: Deep Elm Records: Too Young To Die


Greetings, and welcome to another month of themed postings! This month, we pay tribute to the record label Deep Elm.  If you are not aware, Deep Elm was a premiere independent label that started twenty years ago this year, and though nominally known as an “emo” label, they released–and still release–quality records that escape easy classification. They released and distributed the first record by Nada Surf, but they’ve had a ton of other great bands since then, from Lewis to Appleseed Cast, and from Desert City Soundtrack to Sounds Like Violence.

They made a bold decision a few years ago and became not only a digital-only label, but a digitial label that allows the listener to pay what they feel.

This month, we’ll be paying tribute to the label by discussing our favorite releases, as well as remembering and recalling some of the things we said back then–because we still stand behind the things we said years ago. That is how good these records are. We think you’ll enjoy this month.

First up is a sampler–one of many–that I feel represents the best of the mid 2K era, featuring songs from most of the current roster. It’s as good a place to start as any.

And if you download and like it, please consider donating something–anything–to the cause.

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