3AM Eternal: Sounds Like Violence/Desert City Soundtrack/Settlefish (2004)

At the time, I was approached by Deep Elm to write the bio for this excellent little three-way split EP. Here’s what I had to say:

Sweden’s phenomenal Sounds Like Violence begins the record with an impressive example of what this young band is capable of, and also highlights everything that’s right with their debut The Pistol. Though only one song, it’s insanely passionate, highlighted by Soderlund’s pushed-to-the-brink vocals, razor-sharp guitar swipes and frantic rhythm section. Settlefish carries the fiery torch…the stout, rolling bass lines and jerky, kinetic guitars are a respectful nod to indie rock’s forefathers, and Jonathan Clancy’s dynamic singing is easily the most electric he’s been on record. Continuing on the path of unpredictability, Desert City Soundtrack is simply breathtaking, welding their piano-based songwriting with the sounds of hardcore past. DCS takes the best parts of their debut Funeral Car’s melancholy songwriting, but assaults the listener in a hailstorm-finale of keys, pummeling drums and bass and sprawling guitar feedback. These three labelmates represent unique sounds from different regions of the world, but share the common desire to innovate, challenge…and tear you up from the inside out.

If you download and enjoy this EP, please donate to the cause!

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