3AM Eternal: Coldplay “Trouble” (2000)

I have always believed—and still do, truthfully—that Coldplay’s debut album, Parachutes, was the perfect commercial album. At the time, it wasn’t surprising to hear hits “Yellow,” and its follow-up, “Trouble,” in almost any setting you could imagine. The lovely but melancholy melodies were well-suited equally for malls, waiting rooms, front offices, hair salons, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and I think you get my point.

Between the sad, haunting piano refrain, Chris Martin’s melancholic lyrics being sung with an equally sad, regretful voice, one cannot deny that “Trouble” is a powerful, moving little song. Sure, Coldplay became the U2 for people who find Radiohead to be a bit dull, but a hit is a hit, and I love this little song, simply because no matter the weather, listening to it brings on a cold, grey rain.

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