Last Night At The Casino #11: The Same, Just Different

last night 11

Last Night At The Casino #11: The Same, Just Different
Billy da Bunny

In quick succession, Billy da Bunny brings us the latest edition of his impressive workplace diary zine, Last Night At The Casino. Issue number eleven finds some changes taking place; the subtitle for this issue is “The Same, Just Different,” as the veteran casino dealer has now switched to working the day shift. It is, indeed, a different beast, and the change has certainly invigorated Billy’s writing.

With the change, he’s now working with a new set of people—faces he might have known or seen, but ones whose personalities he had yet to experience. There are all sorts of characters, such as the craps dealer who inserts celebrities’ names into his dice calls, the dealer who yells out “Skittles!” whenever dealer draws a blackjack, and the quiet fellow who’s a bit of a knucklehead yet shows himself to be a thoughtful, more self-aware guy through a generous act. Then there are the new personalities—more higher-betting rollers, daytime gamblers, and people whose personalities are sure to amuse and grate on the readers.

As he’s done in the past few issues, Billy’s included some tips of the trade. In this issue, he deals with how people cheat at the casino.He warns that the information isn’t designed to teach potential gamblers how to beat the system; instead, he tells you what it is that he has to look for every day, in order to insure that the players are playing by the rules. Some of these cheats are so mind-numbingly stupid, it’s almost impressive to think that people actually try to do these things—especially considering that doing something simple like trying to add a chip to a bet after you’ve won the hand is a felony that can get you banned from gambling, a year or more in  jail, and a fine that runs into the tens of thousands of dollars. Yet people still do it—or, really, they <I>try</I> to do it, and get caught in quick time.

Last Night At The Casino is becoming A Big Deal in the zine community; back issues are becoming harder to find, and even this new issue, which came out a few weeks ago, isn’t that easy to locate. Grab it now, and you’ll quickly understand why we think this is one of the best print zines in years. 

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